How to Do Business with Housing Authority Birmingham District

 1. Be sure you have a current Vendor Application Form on file with the HABD Procurement Office. Mark all applicable categories that apply to your business. Mail or fax applications to be included in our vendor database. Solicitations in your area of expertise will be mailed to your attention as needed.

HABD Vendor Application Form (downloadable pdf – requiresAdobe Acrobat Reader)

2. Read the solicitation documents thoroughly and follow all instructions, terms, and conditions. Failure to do so will be at the bidder’s risk.

3. Be sure the solicitation is received on or before the receive date and time. Mark the sealed envelope with the solicitation number printed on it and the opening date. Requests for Quotes, (RFQ’s) may be faxed to 205-521-7704.

4. Attend pre-bid conferences when applicable.

5. Attend bid openings to see what the competition is doing.

6. All questions pertaining to solicitations must be submitted in writing to the Authority at least ten (10) days prior to the date solicitations are due. Mail or fax only, to HABD Procurement, 1826 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233 or fax questions to (205) 521-7704.

7. The HABD will award contracts and Purchase Orders to the firm with the most responsive proposal, which best meets the needs of the Authority.

8. Each firm or individual shall certify compliance with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity requirements governing contracts of the type.

Doing Business HABD

  Contact Carl Edwards, Procurement Administrator at 205-521-0611 or cedwards@habd.net.