HABD Fatherhood Initiative, Family Self-Sufficiency programs highlighted on Trinity Broadcasting Network


Efforts by HABD residents and staff to promote healthy relationships between fathers and children, along with the agency’s self-sufficiency programs were subjects of recent public affairs shows on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Galvin Billups, HABD Director of Resident Services, and Michael Billingsley, Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, joined resident leader Eldridge Knighton as guests on “Joy in Our Town.” The non-religious public affairs show is produced and broadcast by TBN affiliate WTJP/Gadsden.

See clips of the shows below:

Eldridge Knighton describes his journey to become a stronger father to his children in spite of tough challenges, including an encounter with a robber that nearly ended his life. Knighton is joined by FSS Coordinator Michael Billingsley to talk about the HABD Fatherhood Initiative.

In this segment, Resident Services Director, Galvin Billups and FSS Coordinator Michael Billingsley discuss the HABD Family Self-Sufficiency Program. Participants enter into a five-year contract with HABD to identify educational, personal and professional goals.

FSS graduates have found jobs, moved to better jobs and have gone from public housing and public assistance to finding complete financial and housing independence. Participants include both public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher (Section8) residents. HABD Executive Director Michael O. Lundy has pledged a new effort to expand FSS opportunities to residents.