Subsidy Standards


The following guidelines shall determine the number of bedrooms required to accommodate each family.


Number of Bedrooms Number of Persons
Minimum Maximum
1 Br 1 2
2 Br 2 4
3 Br 3 6
4 Br 4 8
5 Br 5 10
6 Br 6 12


Generally, two people are expected to share each bedroom, but with the following exceptions:

  1. It will not be necessary for adults of different generations or opposite sex, other than husband and wife, to occupy the same bedroom.
  2. Exceptions to the largest permissible subsidy size may be made in case of reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities, if requested. In the case of chronic illness or other physical infirmity, a deviation from the occupancy guidelines is permissible with evidence and documentation from a licensed physician.
  3. Two children of the opposite sex over the age of six will not be required to share a bedroom.
  4. At the option of HABD, an infant, up to the age of two years, may share a bedroom with his or her parents. A family that consists of a pregnant woman (with no other persons) may receive subsidy equal to a two bedroom. HABD may, but it is not required to, consider an unborn child in determining subsidy size.
  5. HABD will count a child who is temporarily away from the home because the child has been placed in foster care for six months or less, is away at school or other situations that can be documented.
  6. A single head of household parent shall not be required to share a bedroom with his/her child over the age of two.
  7. A live-in attendant will be assigned a bedroom. Singles 50 and older and disabled residents with live-in attendants will be assigned two bedroom units.

More information is available by contacting Sterling Bethea, Director of Leased Housing at (205) 521-6360 or sbethea@habd.net.